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Ocean Terrace apartments range from the versatile Studio to the imposing T4 Duplex with huge balconies/terraces and views of the horizon and sea.


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Starting from 161.000 Euros


Facing east, these apartments privilege simplicity without neglecting comfort. Comprising an open space living room and kitchen, a bedroom with a generous wardrobe and a complete bathroom. Complemented with a balcony with unobstructed views over the vegetated spaces of Exponor and Quinta da Conceição and including a parking space.
Starting from 276.000 Euros


Apartamentos T2

Facing west, these are versatile apartments par excellence. With an independent living room and kitchen, both connected to the balcony, two complete bathrooms (one en-suite) and also a guest toilet. The high point is the large balcony with unobstructed views to the sea on the highest floors. Including a parking space and storage.
Starting from 345.000 Euros


3-bedroom apartments

With rooms facing east and living room and kitchen to the west, these are apartments of high comfort. They have a separate living room and kitchen with connection to each other and to the balcony, two complete bathrooms (one en-suite) and a guest toilet. Including parking space for two vehicles and storage.
Starting from 498.000 Euros


4-bedroom apartments

With 3 bedrooms to the east and living room, kitchen, laundry and master suite to the west, these are distinguished apartments. They have a living room, kitchen with separate dining and laundry area, three complete bathrooms (two en-suite) and a guest toilet. The highlights culminate in the huge balcony that, due to its size, becomes a second open-air room. Including parking space for three vehicles and storage.
Starting from 679.000 to 1.252.000 Euros


3-bedroom & 4-bedroom Duplex

The "cherry on top of the cake". Located on the last floors (floors 9 and 10) and standing out for their generous interior areas and for their balconies/outside terraces with clear views to the sea. With the possibility of homelift installation. Including parking space for four cars and storage.


STUDIO ES 1 – 8 50,2 4,2 54,4 1 N Link
T2 T2.0 0 91,1 80,4 171,4 1 S Link
T2 T2.1 1 – 9 91,1 18,3 109,4 1 S Link
T3 T3.0 0 125,4 49,1 174,5 2 S Link
T3 T3.1 1 – 8 125,4 23,3 148,7 2 S Link
T3 T3.2 1 – 8 122,8 23 145,8 2 S Link
T3 DUPLEX T3.3 9 – 10 187,7 56,5 244,1 3 S Link
T4 T4.0 0 146,8 47,6 194,4 2 S Link
T4 T4.1 2 – 8 167,4 33,1 200,6 3 S Link
T4 T4.2 2 – 8 171,5 42,8 214,3 3 S Link
T4 DUPLEX T4.3 9 – 10 278,8 88,1 366,9 4 S Link
T4 DUPLEX T4.4 9 – 10 340,4 108,3 448,8 4 S Link
T4 DUPLEX T4.5 9 – 10 223,3 78,4 301,7 4 S Link
T4 DUPLEX T4.6 9 – 10 264,8 96,3 361,1 4 S Link




The level of finishes follows the quality of construction through the adoption of constructive solutions of proven effectiveness and the selection of materials of reputable brands and very high quality.